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Umag 2
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Game info
Umag 2
12477 plays
Date added: 2013-07-15
Description: After you have logged in or registered with mochigames, close the opened browser window and return to the game here. A fantastic multiplayer game with tanks. Be in charge of your own artillery unit and defeat the other players. You can create teams and games with up to 8 players, you have badges and customizable tanks. All you need is skills and the desire to be the best. Good luck! Top new features in UMAG2: Create and administer clans. Simultaneous turn mode! Team games and 8 player games. Customizable badges and tanks. Separate games for guests and registered users. Fight your way to the top in this PvP multiplayer artillery game.Top new features:– Create and administer clans.– Simultaneous turn mode!– Team games and 8 player games.– Customizable badges and tanks. A note to site owners: if your site does not support 800pixels wide games the game works fine Most should be pretty self explanatory. There are a few tricks which may be less obvious. Use the arrow keys to scroll the view. Press enter to set focus to the chat input text-field, then type and press enter again to send to the other players in the same game. Press space while not having the text-field selected to show any faded chat text. The wind indicator just under the mini-map tells how much the wind will affect the projectiles. Each tank has both a shield and armor, the armor start to take damage after the shield has been taken down to zero. Use the "Weapon test" game mode to familiarise yourself with the weapons. The Nuke does not explode on impact with a tank or the ground, it does the large explosion a short time after it reaches it’s highest point and start falling. It also does double damage against the shield. The Force Shield (not to be confused with the normal shield) protects against all weapons except the nuke, the blast radius of the nuke is to wide that it can cut through the force shield. In team games you can not directly hurt your team-mates but you can still hurt yourself. You will win when the opponents team are all dead, and you will be counted as a winner even if you have died. Note that while team games still contribute kills and XP to your stats, they will not give you any 2pl or 4pl wins or losses. If a player disconnects while still being alive their tank will turn into a hen that will still count as a kill. The dirt bomb will create a shock-wave that detonates any nearby projectiles while in flight. It then creates a ball of dirt after it’s been falling for a short time.
Instructions: Use the mouse to select guns and shoot
Hit ENTER to access the chat.
Use the arrow keys to move/span>
Select a weapon from the bottom of the screen when it's your turn.
Use your mouse to aim, click to fire.
You can move by clicking the 'Move' button and clicking where you want your tank to relocate (short distance).
You can either fire OR move during each turn.
You have 15 seconds to perform an action or you forfeit your turn.
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